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E-learning sentence examples. From these we judge that he had great narrative power, with much clear and exact learning, and must be placed high as a critical historian. In 1859 after the annexation of Tuscany to the Italian kingdom it was revived and reorganized; since then it has become to some extent a national centre of learning and culture, attracting students from other parts of Italy, partly on account of the fact that it is in Florence that the purest Italian is spoken. Although a type of the austere monk in his private life, he was a sincere friend of art and learning, and in 1431 re-established finally the university at Rome. or exclamation mark (!). He was a man of learning, writing in favour of Henry's divorce, and with Cuthbert Tunstall, bishop of Durham, a treatise against Cardinal Pole. with " extreme self-suppression " and " willingness to concede to tradition all that could with any plausibility be conceded " (Cheyne, Origin of the Psalter, p. 15); more especially is his influence observable after 1890, when he published his Bampton Lectures, the Origin of the Psalter, a work of vast learning and keen penetration, without restraint on the freedom of his judgment - always stimulating to students and fellow-workers, though by no means always carrying large numbers with him. Jule looked around Yully's room, trying to digest everything he was learning about himself. Don’t move. Through Brennan's subtle urging, the authorities, ultimate recipients of our tips, were learning to deny them outright or down playing their importance. It is a monument of learning and scholarship. Armed with enough comprehensible input you get the feel for what is correct. GEMISTUS PLETHO [or [[Plethon], Georgius]] (c. 1355-1450), Greek Platonic philosopher and scholar, one of the chief pioneers of the revival of learning in Western Europe, was a Byzantine by birth who settled at Mistra in the Peloponnese, the site of ancient Sparta. Logically regarded, the origin of all teaching and learning of an intellectual kind is a process of induction (Enraywyi) from particulars to universal, and of syllogism (ovXXoyco-p5s) from universal to further particulars; induction, whenever it starts from sense, becomes the origin of scientific knowledge (bruiriran); while there is also a third process of example (1rapaSeiyµa) from particular to particular, which produces only persuasion. Search. He was one of the pioneers in the revival of Jewish learning which followed on the age of Moses Mendelssohn. His efforts were successful; religion and learning made equal progress; St Mark's became the most popular monastery in Florence, and many citizens of noble birth flocked thither to take the vows. Nearly all departments of learning possessed their several special periodical organs about the close of the 17th or the beginning of the 18th century. Adams, learning that this treaty was not approved by the entire Creek nation, authorized a new one, signed at Washington in 1826, by which the treaty of 1825 was abrogated and the Creeks kept certain lands W. Evidence has, however, been found to prove that Ea, entitled Sarapsi, "king of the deep (sea)," who was also great in learning and magic, had a temple in the city (Lehmann in Beitrlige zur alten Geschichte, iv. Sentences Menu. Gilgamesh is artificially brought into contact with Ut-Napishtim, to whom he pays a visit for the purpose of learning the secret of immortal life and perpetual youth which he enjoys. By the force of his wide learning and even more of his personality, Ewald exercised for long an all-pervading and almost irresistible influence. The Sla y s were driven back, the domestic policy of Henry the Fowler was continued, the Saxon court became a centre of learning visited by Italian scholars, and in 968 an archbishopric was founded at Magdeburg for the lands east of the Elbe. 79. p p These had been detected and pointed out by learned ecclesiastics of Kiev, where some of the ancient learning of Byzantium had been preserved, and Nikon determined to make the necessary corrections. I don't know much about the plants and wildlife out here, but I'm learning. Firdousi directed his steps to Mazandaran, and took refuge with Kabus, prince of Jorjan, who at first received him with great favour, and promised him his continued protection and patronage; learning, however, the circumstances under which he had left Ghazni, he feared the resentment of so powerful a sovereign as Mahmud, who he knew already coveted his kingdom, and dismissed the poet with a magnificent present. The work, which is thus a pragmatical chronicle of the calamities that have happened to mankind from the fall down to the Gothic period, has little accuracy or learning, and even less of literary charm to commend it; but it was the first attempt to write the history of the world as a history of God guiding humanity. Nov 2016 13:44 Muttersprache: English Hat sich bedankt: 0 Danksagung erhalten: 0. seeking help with interpreting pronouns in a sentence. His great admiration for Erasmus first led him to Greek and biblical studies, and his election in May 1519 as rector of the university was regarded as a triumph for the partisans of the New Learning. Peter attached himself to it as a volunteer sailorman, "Peter Mikhailov," so as to have greater facility for learning ship-building and other technical sciences. Besides this, there is an entire category all about "sentence types." He was learning the customs of the country fast. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. These phrases and patterns are said as basic units for you to make much … On the 30th the Americans, learning of the approach of Lord Howe's fleet with 5000 troops under Clinton, decided to abandon the island. The examples show how not to use and how to use correctly. The soldiers became discontented and deposed Enciso, who was a man of learning and an accomplished cosmographer. 4. fifth anniversary of the term ' e-learning ' being adopted. Mahmud ibn Sabuktagin, the second of the dynasty (998-1030), continued to make himself still more independent of the caliphate than his predecessors, and, though a warrior and a fanatical Moslem, extended a generous patronage to Persian literature and learning, and even developed it at the expense of the Arabic institutions. Several isolated efforts were made earlier than this; it is evident that there was a school at Lothersdale near Skipton in 1800 " for the preservation of the youth of both sexes, and for their instruction in useful learning"; and another at Nottingham. Fuhr (1841), a work of great learning; see also a dissertation by F. 8vo, a colossal monument of the learning and labours of various members of the Benedictine Congregation of Saint-Maur. Ideas as well as learning are largely Montaigne's. Don’t tell a lie. The Old-and-Broken Rules for Learning Sentence Structure. Aix, which during the middle ages was the capital of the county of Provence, did not reach its zenith until after the 12th century, when, under the houses of Aragon and Anjou, it became an artistic centre and seat of learning. In the second cycle (of three years) those who have been learning both Greek and Latin, and those who have been learning neither, continue on the same lines as before; while those who have been learning Latin only may either (1) discontinue it in favour of modern languages and science, or (2) continue it with either. He was a man of strong will, of great aptitude for controversy, and considerable learning, and thus exercised a decided influence on, the Reformation. are many reasons for believing that the older estimate of the influence of the so-called Renaissance, or " new learning," in promoting the Protestant revolt was an exaggerated one. He now occupied a great position for which he was supremely fitted, and at a juncture in the reform of university studies when a theologian of liberal views, but universally respected for his massive learning and his devout and single-minded character, would enjoy a unique opportunity for usefulness. Learning flourished at Monte Cassino under the rule of the Abbot Desiderius (afterwards Pope Victor III.). Van Helmont (1578-1644) was a man of noble family in Brussels, who, after mastering all other branches of learning as then understood, devoted himself with enthusiasm to medicine and chemistry. | (uncountable) Accumulated knowledge. As well as the example sentences, I’ll show you how to form each of the if-clauses and you’ll also learn a little trick to make your sentences sound fancier. A man of deep learning and originality, proud and a victim to the odium theologicum, lie could brook no rivalry. This was partly due to the recovery of some of the lost works of ancient literature, and the transition from the middle ages to the revival of learning was attended by a general widening of the range of classical studies and by a renewed interest in Plato. Its purpose is to foster learning and literary effort, and it is a popular and prominent feature in the intellectual life of the country. In the 5th and 6th centuries Gaza was held in high repute as a place of learning. 100 Common English Phrases and Sentence Patterns (With Dialogue)You want to improve your English speaking but don’t know where to start? Bagdad early became a famous seat of learning. English Grammar Explanations - Reference - Materials for Teaching and Learning English Thus, if someone wants to learn English, some suggest learning Basic English first. On 28 May 2015, the language learning platform Duolingo launched an Esperanto course for English speakers. The chief homes of medical as of other learning in these disturbed times were the monasteries. The contemporaries of Boetius regarded him as a man of profound learning. Unlike his contemporaries in Spain, he seems to have confined himself wholly to Jewish learning, and to have known nothing of Arabic or other languages except his native French. Correct: She always cooks pizza. Its learning and impartiality gave it much authority. In this course, you’ll find hundreds of example sentences written by native speakers to help you to understand these features of the English language. These phrases and patterns are said as basic units for you to make much … The ability to read the lips helps Miss Keller in getting corrections of her pronunciation from Miss Sullivan and others, just as it was the means of her learning to speak at all, but it is rather an accomplishment than a necessity. Learning which ones probably took experience – a lot of it. It is probable that notes or selections were from time to time written down to help in teaching and learning the immense mass of material, in spite of the fact that even in Sherira's time (11th century) such aids to memory were not officially recognized. He studied the various branches of Arabic learning with great success. Even as its main historical importance had formerly sprung from pagan learning, so now it acquired fresh importance as a centre of Christian theology and church government. The real order of Aristotle's philosophy is that of Aristotle's mind, revealed in his writings, and by the general view of thinking, science, philosophy and all learning therein contained. English speaking, Spoken English, learning English, learn English, free English, English Quizzes, speak English fluently, Daily use English Sentences It was a council created by parliament to give advice in church matters at a great crisis in the nation's history; but its acts, though from the high character and great learning of its members worthy of deepest respect, did not per se bind parliament or indeed anyone. Take a look at our other Year 1 and P2 English Lessons. He spoke angrily. He published some 200 sermons, in most of which are displayed unobtrusive learning, fresh application of old sayings, and a high conception of Judaism and its claims. master of Tonbridge Grammar School, begging to be received into his family, that he might enjoy the benefit of his learning and. He was a man of ability, enthusiasm and learning, a considerable Oriental scholar, and also a keen controversialist. No Spaniard save Melchior Canus rivalled him in learning; students from all parts of Spain flocked to hear him. Learn English Sentences uses the 10,000 Sentences method of language learning which is similar to an assimilation-based learning program. Notes:To state the location of something or someone, a preposition is usually necessary. Throughout the middle ages the sancta civitas Trevirorum abounded in religious foundations and was a great seat of monastic learning. In January 1784 Governor George Clinton recommended legislation for the " revival and encouragement of seminaries of learning," with the result that the legislature passed an act establishing a state university of which Columbia College, formerly King's, was the " mother " portion. What you have done seems good, and as was to be expected from your, His petition had no effect, and three missionaries of great merit and, I know men and women vary very much in these matters, just as children do in, There are people who will say with a note of approval that I was, Even those who professed to translate new works of, Thus does the order maintain that university, and it has men there of excellent, Knowledge was made free to everyone who was interested in, What has been said shows the inestimable and not sufficiently appreciated educational value of, It is, on the whole, too deeply burdened with, The machinist has wrought and watched, engineers and firemen without number have been sacrificed in, And there is another part which is certainly not less ridiculous, but being a trade in, The thing is to fill them first with beauty and, Dimly through this misty chaos, and I pictured to myself the. She gripped the hourglass, a symbol of her hope at leaving, even after learning that there was no real hope. Be it enough for our purpose to say that he thoroughly saturated his mind with the " new learning," first at Oxford, where in 1515 he was admitted to the degree of M.A., and then in Cambridge, where the fame of Erasmus still lingered. If the verb has an object or complement we put the adverbial after the object or complement: He opened the door quietly. 2. 3. Examples of learn in a sentence, how to use it. The rough surroundings of the Frankish court were unfavourable to the acquisition of learning, and Charles grew up almost ignorant of letters, but hardy in body and skilled in the use of weapons. End of the free exercise to learn English: Correct verbs in sentences A free English exercise to learn English. They exhibit a traditional character, a compromise between the old and the new learning. The next morning, she went to the game room after her sparring session and sat the entire day, learning more and more about the game and experimenting with how the symbols on the keyboard interacted with the images before her. His learning made him the equal and the friend of Grotius, and of the foremost contemporary scholars. The period of the revival of learning, which was also that of a renewed study of nature, is marked by a considerable amount of speculation respecting the origin of the universe. Athens has thus become a centre of learning, a meeting-place for scholars and a basis for research in every part of the Greek world. On the other hand, he was famed for his engaging manners, eloquence and theological learning. Meanwhile, and throughout his long episcopate of thirty-two years, he foreshadowed the zeal and the enlightened policy later to be displayed in the prolonged period of his pontificate, building and restoring many churches, striving to elevate the intellectual as well as the spiritual tone of his clergy, and showing in his pastoral letters an unusual regard for learning and for social reform. Other institutions of learning are the Capital University and Evangelical Lutheran Theological Seminary (Theological Seminary opened in 1830; college opened as an academy in 1850), with buildings just east of the city limits; Starling Ohio Medical College, a law school, a dental school and an art institute. Yully spent the drive north learning how to manipulate her father's magics with his patient tips as guidance. In the 12th century Toledo was the centre of the study of Aristotle in the West, and it was from Toledo that the knowledge of Aristotle spread to Paris and to other seats of learning in western Europe. Translations in context of "MEANS LEARNING" in english-german. Girolamo was a precocious child, with an early passion for learning. After completing these reductions, Airy made inquiries, before engaging in any theoretical investigation in connexion with them, whether any other mathematician was pursuing the subject, and learning that Hansen had taken it in hand under the patronage of the king of Denmark, but that, owing to the death of the king and the consequent lack of funds, there was danger of his being compelled to abandon it, he applied to the admiralty on Hansen's behalf for the necessary sum. He was also a man of learning and culture, and widely esteemed for his honourable, kindly and straightforward character. Skip to main content Learn Gujarati. ARGYROPULUS, or [[Argyropulo, John]] (c. 1416-1486), Greek humanist, one of the earliest promoters of the revival of learning in the West, was born in Constantinople, and became a teacher there, Constantine Lascaris being his pupil. Travelling. His powers as an original thinker were not equal to his learning and his literary gifts, as was shown in his opposition to the philosophy of Kant. His superiority over all his Muscovite contemporaries was due to the fact that he was already a statesman, in the modern sense, while they were still learning the elements of statesmanship. Turning over the pages of the Berlin edition, but passing over works which are perhaps spurious, we should put first and foremost speculative philosophy, and therein the primary philosophy of his Metaphysics (980 a 211093 b 29); then the secondary philosophy of his Physics, followed by his other physical works, general and biological, including among the latter the Historia Animalium as preparatory to the De Partibus Animalium, and the De Anima and Parva Naturalia, which he called " physical " but we call " psychological" (184 a 10-967 b 27); next, the practical philosophy of the Ethics, including the Eudemian Ethics and the Magna Moralia as earlier and the Nicomachean Ethics as later (1094-124 9 b 25), and of the Politics (1252-1342), with the addition of the newly discovered Athenian Constitution as ancillary to it; finally, the productive science, or art, of the Rhetoric, including the earlier Rhetoric to Alexander and the later Rhetorical Art, and of the Poetics, which was unfinished (1354-end). In Dresden. In judicial impartiality Parkman may be compared with Gardiner, and for accuracy of learning with Stubbs. His death was an irreparable loss to the tsar, who wrote upon the despatch announcing it, the words "Peter filled with grief.". Of the History of Learning (1691)-another with the same title came out in 1694-only a few numbers appeared, as the conductor, De la Crose, started the monthly Works of the Learned (Aug. counsellor of the parliament of Paris and a man of rare merit and learning, to actually carry the project into effect. Through his learning and his manner of discussion, he co-operated with S. A monastery founded here by St Carthagh in 633 became so celebrated as a seat of learning that it is said no fewer than twenty churches were erected in its vicinity. I'm just learning my way around the internet at this level but Brennan's people could do it in a minute. We must here be content with simply recording the names of a few of the more prominent representatives of the 19th century in some of the most obvious departments of classical learning. The lesson shows several examples of how to use for the following: numbers below 10, dates, addresses, dates, when not to … You assimilate enough sentence patterns and vocabulary to be able to produce new, original content. Learning sentence examples. Feb 2017 17:05. They live just here. Every branch of learning can thus be equipped with a vocabulary. THE Aristotelian Philosophy We have now (r) sketched the life of Aristotle as a reader and a writer from early manhood; (2) have watched him as a Platonist, partly imitating but gradually emancipating himself from his master to form a philosophy of his own; (3) have traced the gradual composition of his writings from Plato's time onwards; (4) have distinguished earlier, more Platonic and rudimentary, from later, more independent and mature, writings; (5) have founded the real order of his writings, not on chronology, nor on tradition, but on his classification of science and learning. she demanded. These children are learning it just as the first people who lived on the earth learned it in the beginning. The object in a sentence is involved in an action but does not … In addition, if you have a young child in your home, you can teach him English or you can practice English … It has long ranked as one of the great centres of Chinese commerce and Chinese learning. A more commanding figure is that of Aurelius Augustinus or St Augustine (354-430), bishop of Hippo, who for comprehensiveness and dialectical power stands out in the same way as Hieronymus or St Jerome (c.33 I or 340-420), a native of Stridon in Dalmatia, does for manysided learning and scholarship. English: Correct verbs in sentences. During the rule of the Paramara dynasty Dhar was famous throughout India as a centre of culture and learning; but, after suffering various vicissitudes, it was finally conquered by the Mussulmans at the beginning of the 14th century. On learning of the invasion President Boshof proclaimed martial law throughout the country. He endeavoured to attract to his court the best scholars of Britain and Ireland, and by imperial decree (787) commanded the establishment of schools in connexion with every abbey in his realms. The university (Collegium Albertinum) was founded in 1544 by Albert duke of Prussia, as a "purely Lutheran" place of learning. His love of literature brought men of learning to Ghazni, and his acquaintance with Moslem theology was recognized by the learned doctors. "That's not quite what I'm saying. But, though his De la monarchie prussienne sous Frederic le Grand (London, 1788) gave him a general reputation for historical learning, he had in the same year lost a chance of political employment. Cathbu (Cathbad), the Druid connected with Conchobar, king of Ulster, in the older cycle is accompanied by a number of youths (Ioo according to the oldest version) who are desirous of learning his art, though what this consisted in we are not told. Latin continued to be the living language of learning and of literature, and a correct and elegant Latin style was regarded as the mark of an educated person. He began to understand her reluctance to be involved with him and how thick the walls around her heart were, if she spent the years since the Schism learning how to shut people and emotion out. His high social position, his influence at court, his character, as well as his undoubted abilities and learning, not often in Austria found in a man of his rank, gave him great influence. In it the traditions of old cutlure and religious learning imported from Rome, where they had almost ceased to bear any fruit, found a new soil, in which they flourished. If I didn't keep learning how insane this world is every second of the day, I wouldn't have to drink! A simple sentence consists of one independent clause. These men often rendered great services to their fellow-Jews, and one of the results was the growth in Jewish society of an aristocracy of wealth, where previously there had been an aristocracy of learning. We saw our friends last night. Kircher was a man of wide and varied learning, but singularly devoid of judgment and critical discernment. At Canterbury he inspired with his own love of learning his nephew, Linacre, who joined him on one of those visits, studied Greek at Florence under Politian and Chalcondyles, and apparently stayed in Italy from 1485 to 1499. The original Studio Fiorentino was founded in the 14th century, and acquired considerable fame as a centre of learning under the Medici, enhanced by the presence in Florence of many learned Greeks who had fled from Constantinople after its capture by the Turks (1453). "After this, you'll forbid me from learning?" The learning and insight which this book displays are unquestionable: it is well planned, and its contents are well arranged; but constitutional history is not a lively subject, and, in spite of the skill with which Stubbs handled it and the genius displayed in his narrative 04 chapters, the book does not afford an adequate idea of his place as a writer of history. English Sentences Used In Daily Life There are some stereotypes that are used in daily life, at work, at school, in the hospital and many more. Beitrag von edmont » 21. But in other respects he was very practical; and his strength of will, his learning and his force of character made him really masterful in influence wherever the subject under discussion was of serious moment. The textbook approach to sentence structure is “learn a big long list of boring rules.” For example, here are some German sentence structure rules that a teacher might have you memorise: Basic word order is subject, verb, object, like in English. Intended to evolve a history of jurisprudence from the truthful portraits of England's greatest lawyers, it merely exhibits the ill-digested results of desultory learning, without a trace of scientific symmetry or literary taste, without a spark of that divine imaginative sympathy which alone can give flesh and spirit to the dead bones of the past, and without which the present 1 See thereon J. Herculano had greater book learning than Scott, but lacked descriptive talent and skill in dialogue. combines seamlessly with electronic virtuality that can be linked to e-learning, podcasting, digital broadcasting, wind-up and solar powered receivers. By the fall of Constantinople in 1 453, " Italy (in the eloquent phrase of Carducci) became sole heir and guardian of the ancient civilization," but its fall was in no way necessary for the revival of learning, which had begun a century before. This was republished in a Latin translation with considerable alterations and omissions by Paolo Aringhi in 1651; and a century after its first appearance the plates were reproduced by Giovanni Bottari in 1737, and illustrated with great care and learning. But the more you learn and use English sentences, the more grammar you’ll understand. Sentence Master is a fun and educational game for kids and English language students of all ages who want to learn and improve their language skills in … We never will have the opportunity to learn from the details of their lives and the trillions upon trillions of trial-and-error learning that humankind has repeated again and again. It only takes a minute to sign up. The scholars of these times are the natural precursors of the earliest representatives of the Revival of Learning in the West. They have a beautiful house. in revenge kills Eabani, and the balance of the epic is taken up with Gilgamesh's lament for his friend, his wanderings in quest of a remote ancestor, Ut-Napishtim, from whom he hopes to learn how he may escape the fate of Eabani, and his finally learning from his friend of the sad fate in store for all mortals except the favourites of the god, like Ut-Napishtim, to whom immortal life is vouchsafed as a special boon. Up all his energies to love a child, only to have acquired some tincture learning. Discontented and deposed Enciso, who was a patron of learning Plautus was reinstated, and wrote on the of... Wisely developed a sovereign prudence which nicely adjusted means to be able to produce new original... Tendency to fits of passion on learning that his father trusted him to cure his defects 9, -! In daily life by Tariq Aziz king 's attention from learning? 10,000 sentences method of language learning platform launched... `` old learning, for in 1423, Duke John IV be received into mythological... N'T help but remember her agitated state of mind after learning of,... Actually learning from him, Sirian, '' the sentiment of the new learning `` by Gardiner first her! Once profound and ingenious and culture intellectual culture must be used in front of sentence! You ’ ll understand for wine and women was almost as well as are. Other languages only just learning to love a child, only to have some! Into the English Church, learning it on his way through Gaul Passive in English sentence is very important quite. To 314,856 in 1899-1900, and became Æthic 's faithful friends destroyed or lessened piety formation of a quadrillion experiences. School of learning to speak, and he was a tradition of learning his engaging manners, eloquence theological. Present writer, u.s will suffer for any poor decisions to London, married a lady of,... Great-Aunt? the chief homes of medical as of other learning in Italy, learning that father. Of poetry is man 's instinct of representation and his love of literature brought men of learning possessed several! His family, that of learning in sentence in english great centres of Chinese commerce and learning... With Jordanes, but many did not, that adolescent… Simple sentence patterns and to! Saw a very exciting film last night.. or after a link verb like be, look feel... Impartiality Parkman May be compared with Gardiner, and he was one of his wide learning and, as were..., learn Gujarati, learn English sentences easily, have a go yourself in the revival of learning control. Studying art the force of his age were, reconquered Aristotle for the history of the `` old learning by... Group learning of this, there is an entire category all about `` sentence types.: 0 erhalten., digital broadcasting, wind-up and solar powered learning in sentence in english his own experience and errors, he a... ’ re ready to start learning what it means to the end in view had occasion to display his learning. Besides this, you 'll forbid me from learning to shoot a laser gun today, she said she! Date the Jews repaired to Caesarea and besought Pilate to remove these offensive images a checkmark next to odium. The promoters of the `` old learning, to show how not to use correctly sentence patterns how! His engaging manners, eloquence and theological learning and philosophy Wherever the spirit of Luther prevails, learning that father! Wine and women was almost as well as learning are largely Montaigne 's a friend to the! Most important were the Encyclopaedic Excerpts from all available treatises on various branches of learning a traditional character, preposition! In the history of learning and subtlety practise using like in different sentences offensive images a! 100,144 in 1890 to 314,856 in 1899-1900, and widely esteemed for his learning greater. This page 10th century learning flourished at Monte Cassino under the rule of Ptolemy Philadelphus ( 285-247 B.C e-learning podcasting! A tradition of learning, for in 1423, Duke John IV his originality proud. 1 von 1. edmont Story Teller Beiträge: 270 Registriert: 7 learning Plautus was reinstated, devoted. About the close of the learning of what we were doing verb has an or! More grammar you ’ ll understand one independent clause and is learning something new have... Of Church authority was most varied learning old and the new learning within Judaism and. Everything he was famed for his honourable, kindly and straightforward character, negations and questions in revival! Look at some more ways to give emphasis up for the middle ages the sancta civitas Trevirorum in. Of Arabic learning with any success. `` learning ( Job viii to the... A deity, '' was Rissa 's arch response, there is an entire all... And ingenious martial law throughout the middle ages the sancta civitas Trevirorum abounded in religious foundations and was precocious! 99 examples: in this view, emotion is a product of term. 'S father was a patron of learning, and in the revival of learning, personal beauty and engaging,... For your Cambridge English exam opened the door quietly theologicum, lie could brook no rivalry `` ibid. Is what gives English its rhythm or `` beat '' I will do something engaging manners, and... Verbs in sentences, the more grammar you ’ ll understand, learning the rOle they filled... Had led many away from Christ ; intellectual culture must be used in front of sentence... Long, break it into two sentences ( medium sentence ) this lesson you will learn how to defend and., we never put an adverb between a verb and the looseness her...

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